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Informative Portal for N.G.O

JQuery | Bootstrap | PHP | Drupal | Slick js animations | Apache | reCAPTCHA | react js

This is an informative website for the N.G.O., which is used to post weekly blogs, and educational information.

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Public Portal By Malaysian Government

Liferay 7.0 | JQuery | Bootstrap | Facebook reactions API | free marker | And Inline Manual player.

This is a multilingual public portal brought into play by the country government to help their citizens to manage income and expenses. Portal has articles and features which are designed and developed to target all generation people.

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Reimbursement Portal in Liferay

Liferay 7.0 | MySQL | JSF 2.2 | Primefaces 7.0 | Jquery | Apache POI | Chart.js | Bootstrap | JAX-WS Rest web services

NGO is providing financial help to the various schools. The portal is developed to manage each school reimbursement requests. One of the School representatives can request for reimbursement on behalf of the teachers based on the granted amount to the school. NGO admin can either approve or reject the reimbursement request.

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Enterprise Portal for product based company

Liferay DXP 7.0 | Java | Keycloak | Jquery | AngularJS | Bootstrap | PostgreSQL | Amazon SES | Amazon S3

We’ve leveraged almost all out of the box features of the Liferay for the Enterprise Portal development for the product based company. We’ve integrated Liferay with Instance Management System and other third party services and also We’ve leveraged Liferay’s users & organizations, roles & permissions to expose Liferay Portal as SaaS.

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